Farrah Abraham Makes Explosive Comeback On 'Teen Mom OG'

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It has finally happened. Everyone’s revered and reviled teen mom is back.

Farrah Abraham finally made an appearance in the last 10 minutes of Teen Mom OG and in typical Farrah fashion, she brought some major drama with her.

The Teen Mom original was dropped by MTV when the other moms didn’t want to work with her. But producers asked her to return midway through the season. And after some hemming and hawing, the erstwhile porn princess has decided to return.

But not gracefully, it would seem.

When the show’s producers and camera men arrived at her house, Farrah was frosty and barely civil. And when Heather, one of the producers, prodded her to shoot an intro segment explaining why she returned to the show, Farrah went off to sulk and cry.

"I was dropped a year ago, then apparently now I'm not so crazy and it's okay that I'm back on TV," she ranted. "I'm just over being judged and I guess I don’t want to talk about that.

The rest of her segment consisted of her sniping at her mom for talking with Heather (“I don’t even like that you’re having a fake, wannabe happy conversation”), throwing some shade at the crew (“I don’t care if you guys are here or not”) and being snarky at another producer who wanted her to share her feelings about being booted out of the series (“I already went to counseling for it. I’m not going to talk about it anymore.”)

The explosive breakdown seems to have eclipsed other things that happened on Teen Mom OG, like Amber flying into a rage again because of Gary’s shenanigans or Maci telling her tantrum-prone ex about her pregnancy. Or even Catelyn and Tyler’s visiting their daughter Carly and having that tense conversation with her adoptive parents.

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