Farrah Abraham Calls Catelynn Lowell "White Trash"

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Farrah Abraham has never been great at making, or keeping, friends.

The closest thing Farrah Abraham had to a friend amongst her Team Mom cast mates was Catelynn Lowell, but it seems that ship has now sailed.

In an recap interview with Girl Code host Nessa after the most recent Teen Mom OG episode, Farrah Abraham waited patiently backstage as her cast mates were interviewed.

Then, when it was Farrah Abraham's turn, it became clear why she wasn't in the group with the rest of the girls.

Farrah Abraham spoke of the tension that became an issue with the group after the 2013 release of her sex tape and the trouble that it caused among the other girls.

She said, “From the past, I’ve never initially got along with the girls.They had some other issues with myself from the get-go. I never spoke to them. I would never confide in them."

“Would I ever confide in people who are very fake and not real with themselves and kind of in denial and can’t empathize with someone? Of course not!”

“Who is she talking about right now?” Amber asked after Farrah Abraham made the comment.

“All of us!” Catelynn said.

But, it was Amber Portwood who nailed it.

She said, “She just burned bridges with everybody. What an idiot."

That was in the interview. The real drama with Farrah Abraham happened backstage afterwards.

It was then that Farrah Abraham said of Catelynn Lowell, that she is “in denial in white trash land.”

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's comments about the other girls?

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