Farrah Abraham Allows Her Six-Year-Old Daughter To Attack Nicki Minaj

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Reality star Farrah Abraham, drew attention on Monday after she posted a Snapchat video of her daughter, Sophia, calling Nicki Minaj “a total loser,” on Twitter.

The video captioned “Nicki Minaj Don’t say bad WORDS , I don’t,” was uploaded on Abraham’s six-year-old daughter’s Twitter account. Yes, the youngster has her own Twitter account, and she has 17,000 followers.

The two ladies got involved in an online feud after the rapper, who was watching reruns of Teen Mom OG on January 10, tweeted that Farrah Abraham was being a “c----t to her mother.”

Abraham did not take the remark lightly, and came back at Minaj with a nasty comment saying her music videos “look like porn.” The Teen Mom cast also revealed that she is no longer allowing Sophia to watch Minaj’s videos as the rapper’s moves are “inappropriate.”

The reality star also blames Minaj for “creating another issue” with her mom, Debra Danielsen, who tweeted to the rapper that Sophia loves to sing to her videos. An irate Abraham shared screenshots of her conversation with Danielsen on Twitter and wrote: “prime example thank you @NICKIMINAJ  for creating another issue with my mom your such a saint #ignorant #Done.”

Their heated exchange got even more intense after Farrah Abraham reminded Nicki Minaj of her brother’s child rape charge. However, it seemed like Minaj is already over their petty Twitter drama as she now ignoring Abraham.

The conflict between Abraham and Minaj is getting more complicated now that a child has been dragged into their nasty fight. Some people were not impressed with Farrah Abraham using her own daughter to fight her battle with the rapper. One can’t help but wonder how Nicki Minaj will respond now that Sophia is part of the mix.

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