Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Footage Released


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We get our first look at Far Cry 3's multiplayer today with a narrated 5 minute long video! The video focuses on a capture the flag type game and shows a bunch of cool things like the stabbing mechanisms(BF3) and some of the kill streaks(MW3). They show things like a double press of the sticks makes a battlecry go out giving you experience, and temporarily boosting a stat for surrounding teammates.

Far Cry 2 focused a lot on how fire could affect the surroundings of the level. This game explores the same kind of things. With stuff like napalm like bombs being dropped out of the back of a cargo plane. They also offer cool area effect items like gas that makes enemies and friendlies alike turn into demon like enemies. The game has promis as long as it tries to be more like Far Cry 2 and less like Modern Warfare 3. Far Cry 2's multiplayer excelled because it had jeeps, and boats, and hang gliders. The levels were as much up and down as they were left to right. We don't need another COD clone. The good news is that it looks like they are actually putting time into this where as FC2's looked like it was tacked on.

A new thing that they have introduced is an end of round type of thing where the winning team has the option to either kill execution style, the losing teams best player. They can also choose to let him live. The morality factor that developers want to push on us is getting tiring. In between rounds I want to get a drink and go to the bathroom, not have an internal struggle as to the morality of killing a captured enemy.