Family Guy Chicken Fight Gets Live Action Reenactment

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This is something that should be filed under "when crowd-funding goes right," because what we have is fantastic allocation of donated funds. The idea for a live action reenactment of Peter Griffin's famous fight with the Chicken was posted over at IndieGoGo by Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole, two professional stuntwomen who clearly share a love for Family Guy and beating the crap out of one another. Their pitch for donations promised greatness:

In true "Family Guy" style, these 2 women will beat the snot out of each other while tumbling from one ridiculous scene to the next, destroying everything in there path. Expect brutal fighting, broken windows and walls, tackles, high falls, car hits, and wipeouts! The best stunt performers in the business are volunteering their time. All we need are locations, insurance, and things to smash! This rumble is going down no matter what, but the more funds we collect, the more spectacular it will be!

The funds generated for the film totaled $2995, which exceeded the $2800 goal. From the looks of it, the money was put to great use:

And here's the original, if you want to compare:

Needless to say, some substitutions had to be made, and the choice to go with the office fight, done in the slow motion style made famous by 300 and The Matrix, was a great choice. The video was posted over at Jessie Graff's YouTube page. Graff played the chicken, and from the looks of her promotional images, she's something of an athletic badass who could whip Peter and the Chicken at the same time:

Jessie Graff

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