Fall TV Schedule: What To Watch, What To Avoid

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With the coming of cool weather and the turning of the leaves comes a brand new schedule for television, one that excites and disappoints in equal measure. As we say goodbye to some old, beloved friends (I'm looking at you, "The Office"), we are forced to usher in a slew of new shows that must work hard to prove they deserve to be there. Some will only prove to be filler--the carnations in an otherwise lovely bouquet of flowers--but hopefully a few will keep us watching during the new season.

Shows getting good early reviews

"Revolution"--J.J. Abrams brings a post-apocalyptic tale to NBC, and judging by the previews, it looks to be pretty epic. Set in a world with no electricity, the story of humanity's will to survive is told with lush effects (as lush as effects can get on television, anyway) with a gorgeous, crumbling world as a backdrop. Double-plus bonus, Giancarlo Esposito--Gus from "Breaking Bad"--makes an appearance.

"Nashville"--"American Horror Story" actress Connie Briton stars alongside Hayden Panettiere as an aging country star who is quickly upstaged by a young spitfire; the two become rivals as their record label continuously pits them against one another. This could prove to be the dose of drama and sex that ABC needs to fill the void "Desperate Housewives" left.

Also on the "to watch" list: "Elementary", "The Mindy Project", and "Guys With Kids".

Shows to (possibly) avoid

"The Mob Doctor"--I have to admit, when I saw the preview for this I thought it could be a good premise if it was done the right way. Say, on HBO, maybe. But the fact that it's on FOX and has terribly overdone writing works against it.

"The Neighbors"--Family moves into a neighborhood full of aliens. That's really all you need to know.

"Go On"--As much as many people probably want to like this--and just might, for all I know--I just can't buy Matthew Perry as anyone other than Chandler Bing. Mostly because he acts just like Chandler Bing in everything he's in. He could prove me wrong, but this doesn't look like the right vehicle for Perry to make a big comeback in.

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