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Three cheers for the male penis. It's undeniable appearance is always good for a laugh -- Just ask Anthony Weiner -- especially when it shows up in unexpected areas, like, say, Google Maps, or your Twitter DM inbox. It's quite true that gaming Google Maps has been popular since the service was launched, but recent prank, courtesy of Fairfield College in New Zealand, has brought the phenomenon back to popularity. Thank, in large part (pun intended), to the human penis.

The most recent find, two actually, comes courtesy of the aforementioned Fairfield College and the prank, as you might've guessed, comes in the form of two penii that are large enough to make Ron Jeremy proud. The Google Maps satellite scan of the school, which was taken in 2009, shows at least two male members, and there are reports of up to six being included in the scan. I guess you could play a game of "Where's Waldo" if you so choose. For me, seeing the two prominent etchings is enough to convince me the prank is authentic.

Be warned, the upcoming embed is not safe for those who may not like seeing penis representations in everyday life:

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As indicated, this is far from the first time Google Maps has caught such entertainment. Back in 2007, members of a high school in Pennsylvania placed a similar looking object on their football field, and it too made the social media rounds. In fact, the image is still visible on Google Maps, over four years later:

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Oddly enough, the football field in question is located at the corner of North Cedar Street and Shaft Road. Sometimes, these jokes just write themselves.

In light of the Fairfield College penis etchings, Stuff.co.nz collected stories about additional pranks from the New Zealand area, and not surprisingly, Fairfield College's prank is not the first of its kind for the land of the Kiwi. The article's image is pretty great, too, and it also shows the clarity with which Google Maps performs its duties:

Google Maps Prank

According to the article, a Google spokesperson said they weren't sure when the 2009 satellite images would be replaced by newer scans, but if the football field in Pennsylvania is any indication, the Fairfield College penii may very well be visible on Google Maps for the foreseeable future.

New Zealand, come to see where Peter Jackson filmed the LoTR trilogy, stay for the giant penis etchings.