Facebook's Top Trends of 2012: Obama, Instagram, and The Hunger Games

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It's that time of the year again - cold weather, warm drinks and lukewarm receptions at family gatherings. But the end of year also means something else: it's time for all of the year-in-review lists to emerge. Today, it's Facebook's turn.

Facebook has revealed the top ten trends in 11 categories: Memes, Sports, TV, Politics, Technology, Books, Public figures, Check-ins, Movies, Songs, and Events - basically anything and everything anyone would ever talk about on the social network. And according to the data, Instagram was the most-discussed tech trend of 2012.

The rest of the list, in order: Timeline; Pinterest; Draw Something; iPhone 5; Kindle Fire; SOPA; News Feed; Siri; SongPop.

Facebook recently revealed that SongPop was their #1 game of the year.

In terms of events, the 2012 Election was the top trend. That was followed by the Superbowl, Whitney's Houston's death, Superstorm Sandy, and the London Olympics.

Continuing the interest in the election, Barack Obama was your top public figure of the year in terms of mentions. Fittingly, Mitt Romney was number two. Those two were obviously the tops in the Politics category, beating out other election-related terms like "voted" and "four more years."

Here are some mini infographics for the top media trends, provided by Facebook:

Facebook 2012 Trends Songs

Facebook 2012 Trends Movies

You can check out all of the trends over on the Facebook Stories hub.

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