Facebook's New Self-Serve Ad Tool: Too Little Too Late?

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While the world has its eyes and wallets trained on Facebook the Company for one reason or another, the people behind Facebook the Website aren't getting a day off to eat cake. InsideFacebook reports that Facebook is testing a new format for its self-serve ads that links up users with other pages, apps, and other prime destinations for those ads.

There's been some question this week as to whether Facebook ads are advantageous to huge corporations or even if Facebook has been doing its part in making it easier for companies to advertise on the site. This update, as InsideFacebook describes it, may be more beneficial to small or mid-size businesses.

Facebook Self-Serve Ad Tool

Then again, if the feedback we've gotten from you, dear readers, about the effectiveness of Facebook ads is any indication, this new self-serve ad tool might be the equivalent of trying to shove a wine cork in the hole of the Titanic.

At any rate, the update to the self-serve ad feature performs similarly to how the general search function on Facebook works. You'll see the profile pic, basic info, and whatnot for whatever pages and apps are deemed to be valuable destinations to send your ads to.

It remains to be seen if this improves the performance of ads or the good will among businesses who've already been burned on the Facebook advertising opportunity.