Facebook's New Frank Gehry-Designed Office Opens Up – and Here's What It Looks Like

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In September of 2013, Facebook broke ground on its giant new campus – the one designed by Frank Gehry. The new 433,555 sq. ft. building is expected to be filled with some 2,800 Facebook employees. It also features a giant rooftop space – a park and a garden, complete with a bunch of solar panels.

Well, Facebook just moved in.

Today we moved into our new Facebook building in Menlo Park, California.Our goal was to create the perfect engineering...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, March 30, 2015

"Our goal was to create the perfect engineering space for our teams to work together. We wanted our space to create the same sense of community and connection among our teams that we try to enable with our services across the world," said Mark Zuckerberg. "The building itself is pretty simple and isn’t fancy. That’s on purpose. We want our space to feel like a work in progress. When you enter our buildings, we want you to feel how much left there is to be done in our mission to connect the world."

Ok, let's see how it looks.

There's a rooftop teepee swing:

And a giant rooftop park:

Lobby 4:

Lobby 4 #mpk20

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Oooh pretty colors:

One last view from today: a beautiful spring day for a few walk and talk meetings overlooking San Francisco Bay. #MPK20

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#Facebook-kantoor #FrankGehry #SiliconValley #MPK20

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Zuck was right – still a work in progress:

Under construction #mpk20

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Image via Mark Zuckerberg

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