Facebook's 'Maybe' Button, the Worst Thing About Events, Is Finally Dead

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RIP "Maybe" button. We all really hated you and aren't remotely sad to see you go.

Starting today, everyone should see "Interested" instead of "Maybe" as the third option for RSVP'ing to a Facebook event, alongside "Going" and "Not Going".

Facebook has been testing the "Interested" option for a few weeks, but now it's official.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Next Web that the decision is final. "Maybe" has officially been replaced by "Interested" and is rolling out to all users.

The "Maybe" button was one of the worst things about Facebook events. People clicked on it because they wanted to received notifications and updates from the event, even if they really didn't have any intentions to attend.

And for event hosts, a "Maybe" wound up meaning nothing – one of the most hollow things on the internet.

The new "Interested" button solves this. People can still receive updates from the event, but "Interested" doesn't connote the same kind of commitment at "Maybe".

RIP in pieces, "Maybe" button.

Josh Wolford
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