Facebook's Master Plan to Colonize the Earth in Likes

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Earlier today, we shared with you the staggering statistic of Facebook users in different countries around the world. For some of those countries, like New Zealand and Brazil, people are so over the moon with the social networking site that the word "internet" might as well be spelled F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K.

Now, lend us your ear for the second chart-busting hit of the day: a detailed graph by way of comScore that depicts Facebook's unstoppable conquest of various social sites throughout the world. No region of the world was off limits and no social network was invulnerable to Facebook's thundering march to 1 billion users worldwide (which is well within reach for the indigo colossus).

Although the graph doesn't include the milestone, the first sign that Facebook could become the shining blue monolith around which we all banged our drums all day and all night was in January 2009 when the site overtook MySpace to become the most visited social networking site in the United States.

Facebook's March to the Internet Sea

comScore fills in the gaps:

Over the past 27 months, or roughly 800 days, Facebook has overtaken local competitors in 8 additional markets and is now the most popular social networking site in 39 out of the 44 countries on which comScore reports individually. Only China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam have different market leaders in terms of audience size.

Interestingly, 3 out of these 5 countries rank among the fastest growing global markets for Facebook. In Vietnam, Facebook increased its user base by 270 percent over the past year, while it grew 84 percent in Japan and 78 percent in South Korea.

comScore also points out the continued popularity and growth of Facebook's mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms, which is something of a sensitive issue recently in regard to Facebook's relationship with companies that may advertise on the site.

And hey, did you heard this news that Facebook's making an initial public offer?