Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Joins Viddy


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It was recently reported that video sharing platform Viddy has revealed it’s going for $30 million in venture capitol during its series B funding, while developers are scrambling to optimize a sort of video version of the Instagram cash cow - and now Mark Zuckerberg has registered for an account on the site, adding intrigue to the notion of another huge Facebook acquisition.

Zuckerberg (who goes by "Zuck" on Viddy) has also posted his first video of his dog 'Beast' on the platform, which can be seen as a direct attempt at drawing more attention to the company, which currently hosts about 15 million users:

The Beast movie appears on Viddy's front page, and it's safe to say that Venice, CA-based company's developers are more than a bit excited about this. Zuck's clip of Beast can be seen as a direct endorsement of the platform, which has been going up against Socialcam as of late, a similar service which has been growing like a weed. Still, besides the endorsement of Zuckerberg, Viddy has also recently added new, big-name investors incuding Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Skull Candy’s Jeff Kearl, Jay-Z, soccer star Gerard Pique and pop singer Shakira.

Viddy was launched last April, and allows users to shoot 15-second videos on their devices, edit the clips and then share them. It's safe to say that Zuckerberg is now looking at Viddy more closely than at its competitors.