Facebook's Luleå, Sweden Data Center Goes Live

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Facebook's newest and most efficient and sustainable data center is now live.

The data center in Luleå, Sweden has just begun to handle live traffic from around the world, according to Facebook. The Luleå data center is Facebook's first center outside the U.S.

Facebook first announced the data center way back in October of 2011. Facebook said that they chose the location based on its low-cost clean energy options and because of the cold climate.

"As our systems come online for the first time, we are proud to say that this is likely to be one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world. All the equipment inside is powered by locally generated hydro-electric energy. Not only is it 100% renewable, but the supply is also so reliable that we have been able to reduce the number of backup generators required at the site by more than 70 percent. In addition to harnessing the power of water, we are using the chilly Nordic air to cool the thousands of servers that store your photos, videos, comments, and Likes. Any excess heat that is produced is used to keep our office warm," says a note from Facebook.

"We'd also like to recognise another incredible natural resource - the people of Luleå. Since we first announced our plans to come here, the local community has been amazingly supportive. Our data center staff and construction teams have been given the warmest of welcomes in this (sometimes) chilliest of climates and we are happy to be part of your city. So thank you, Luleå - we couldn't have done this without you!"

The community has indeed embraced Facebook - in a big way. Earlier this year, nearly 2,500 residents of Luleå attempted to break the Guinness World Record for "biggest human hand on ice" by forming a giant Facebook "like."

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