Facebook's Documentation Just Got Way Better

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Those who develop for Facebook are no doubt familiar with the extensive documentation the social network provides. Every new feature and revision announcement ends with a link to a wall of code and text that seeks to explain the ins and outs of these new features. It's worked out pretty well for Facebook and developers for years now, but the social network apparently never settles for less.

Facebook announced that it's now in the process of improving the quality of its documentation. It's accomplishing this by generating a significant portion of its documentation straight from the source code. That makes it more accurate and complete, but it also keeps the documentation up-to-date over time as new versions are announced.

The Facebook team is still in the process of converting its existing documentation over to the new method, but a few pages have already made the jump. The pages for FQL, Android SDK and iOS SDK have been updated, while the Graph API is currently being converted for a future release.

Facebook's Documentation Just Got Way Better

Upon navigating to any of the updated documentations, you'll notice that Facebook has also revamped the navigation structure. The social network says its more intuitive by adding links to each individual table, class, exception, interface and more.

Facebook's Documentation Just Got Way Better

It's unknown at this point if all future documentation will be generated from source code, but it's a good bet that it will. More and more people are developing for Facebook or integrating Facebook into their mobile apps. The social network has to make its documentation thorough and accessible for developers of all skill sets if it wants to stay on top of the curve.