Facebook Will Soon Let You Save Posts on Your News Feed for Later

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Although it's unclear whether or not any of your friends actually post anything on Facebook that you would feel compelled to revisit later (my friends simply aren't that witty or informative), you're about to get the ability to do so.

Facebook is unveiling a "save for later" feature that will allow users to easily save their friends' posts for later viewing. The saved posts will populate a "Saved Stories" tab, which will basically show up as one big news feed of all your chosen posts.

If this function sounds familiar, it's because it sounds a lot like starred tweets on Twitter.

"Saved Stories" are currently begin spotted on both mobile and desktop.

iMore first spotted the feature on Facebook for iOS. As you can see, an info box pops up to tell users about the new feature. "Press and hold anywhere on a story to save it for later. Click saved in you Favorites when you're ready to view it. (Saved Stories are private"

The Verge has also grabbed a screencap of the feature in action on desktop. As you can see, the "save" button appears at the bottom of a post next to like, comment, and share.

We don't see the save feature on either mobile of desktop yet, but we have reached out to Facebook regarding Saved Stories. We'll keep you apprised.

UPDATE: Facebook has confirmed to us that they are "currently testing the ability to save news feed stories with a small percentage of users." They say they have nothing more to share at this time.

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