Facebook Wants to Tell Your Friends When You're Ignoring Their Event Invites

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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For a decade, you've ignored friends' event invites. Now, you might have to say "maybe" if you want to preserve said friendship.

Facebook is testing adding read receipts to Events, meaning that you'll be able to see when a friend has seen your event invite, but is ignoring it (or at the very least is having to think about it).

Facebook already has read receipts for Messenger and Groups – which you can't disable (without third-party help). Allowing event creators to know when a person hasn't yet seen or has seen but is ignoring an invite could help them better plan – or at least prompt them to nudge the unsure friend along.

Or it could piss a lot of people off.

"We’re piloting the ability for private event hosts and guests to know whether their friends they invited have seen the event," a Facebook spokesperson told The Daily Dot.

Of course, it's just a test at this point and Facebook could abandon the idea. Hopefully.

Josh Wolford
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