Facebook Wants Players To Become Payers

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It's already been proven that people spend a lot of money on Facebook games. Heck, 12 percent of Facebook's revenue comes from players buying stuff in Zynga's games. There are still quite a few people who don't want to pay for anything in their games. Facebook has offered developers an answer in new player promotions

While new player promotions have been around for a while, they are now going to show up in games as part of the experience. Facebook is offering developers, starting today, the opportunity to add an in-game icon to their games that offers a sweet deal to get people to spend money. Facebook has found that users who jump on this first-time bonus are more inclined to spend more money on Facebook games.

The promotion targets people who have never purchased Facebook credits with a credit card or PayPal. This will create an in-game icon on the side of the game's page that will entice the player with a free bonus in exchange for their money. It doesn't mention whether or not this promotion will target players who exclusively buy Facebook credits through pre-paid cards.

The deal seems to be the same across all games, but it's still a good deal nonetheless. For $1, players will receive $1 worth of Facebook credits and $4 of the in-app currency. That's like going to Chuck E. Cheeses and spending $1 to get four tokens and 50 tickets.

Facebook Wants Players To Become Payers

Facebook suggests that developers add an in-game currency to their products if they have not already done so. If not, the promotion will give players $5 worth of Facebook credits to use anywhere on the site. That's more akin to spending $1 and getting 20 tokens. Awesome deal for the player, but not so awesome for the platform holder.

At least the transaction is relatively painless. The payment flow opens up in a new tab allowing users to make the payment without breaking the flow of their game.

If you have already have DealSpot running in your game, the promotion will appear automatically for users. If you are not yet using DealSpot, check out the Facebook Developers page on how to implement the feature into your code.