Facebook Video: Dad Shoots Laptop Followup

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Three weeks ago, when we did an article about the father who shot his daughter's laptop in a Facebook video, little did we know the firestorm response that would result.

The original video has been viewed on Youtube over 30 million times. Many people responded with comments of approval for the father taking a hardline stance in his home. In WebProNews comments alone, we saw statements like:

[The following statements are all from separate commenters. Apparently they all just love exclamation marks.]

GoDaddy.Com otta use this guy for a spokes person instead of Danicka Patric [sic]!!!!!!!!!

Right on dad I applaud you…standing ovation even!!!!!! I was different with my boys. I would not buy them any technology until they earned it. They are are 22 & 23 and still do not have technology. They have to use thier friends computers and cell phones. If I had bought them thechnology then I would have been just like you.

I am sending this to every parent I know, Yee HAH!

I could not help but applaud (literally) when this video was over!!

Now if more parents would do the same thing with their kids belongings then maybe just maybe our kids would behave better. We all need to go back to rising our children like our parents rised [sic] us.

The entire video and the responses to it spawned discussion, even involving Dr. Phil McGraw on the Today Show, where he offered his opinion on the effectiveness and wisdom of these kinds of tactics in parenting.

And, since then, there have been numerous parody videos posted about this. Here's one of the best:

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