Facebook Updates Their Games Policy

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Facebook hasn't been super busy in the world of development this past week. We can only hope that their hard at work improving the Android app. That being said, the social network does have a few big changes coming your way in the weekly Operation Developer Love update.

Facebook announced a policy change for games that went live yesterday. The update is meant to "focus engineering resources where social games have the highest impact and drive the best user experience." The policy makes it so that Web games that aren't hosted on Facebook, like on Zynga.com, can only use the Facebook API for authentication, publishing and social plugins. Game developers have until December 5 to implement the change.

Facebook also announced a change for betas. Starting this week, only developers who have authorized the app dashboard and test users will be able to access the Beta Tier. The Beta Tier is extremely important for developers who want to make sure their apps are in compliance with the latest breaking changes.

While you're authorizing the app dashboard, you should check out the latest change Facebook has made to it. They have renamed the Credits section to Payments. It's also now under general settings on the App Dashboard for easy access. The move was a long time coming as Facebook has been phasing out credits in favor of real money for some time now.

The next round of breaking changes will take effect on September 5. Check out the blog post for more details on what to expect. Facebook also reports that they received 176 bug reports in the last week. Out of those, they were able to fix 27 of them. They also accepted 33 bugs for further research.

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