Facebook Updates Its Developer Payment Policy

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Are you a new developer hoping to cash in on Facebook games? If so, Facebook has made some recent changes to its developer payment registration that you will need to be aware of.

As part of its weekly Operation Developer Love update, Facebook says that it has updated its policy for developer payment registration. The social network says that any developers must now present verification documents if they use a bank account outside the U.S. or Europe. The same applies to those who have Facebook pay out to a PayPal account.

The change in policy isn't immediate as Facebook is giving developers until April 22 to gather the necessary documentation. After that date, developers will not be able to accept payments until they present verification documents. For those who don't want to submit verification documentation or can't, Facebook encourages them to switch to a "qualifying bank account." Hit up Facebook's help center for more information.

In other news, Facebook has re-opened the apps process to the Preferred Marketing Developer program. The new round of entry features two updates that developers will need to be aware of:

  • In order to focus on high-potential candidates who have proven success working with clients on strategies in-line with our owned, paid and earned media narrative, we are moving to a referral based system where candidates will have to be referred by either a Facebook or Ads PMD employee.
  • We have also announced new requirements for the PMD badge, pushing candidates and members towards deeper integrations across Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.
  • Check out Facebook's PMD Badge page for more information.

    March 2013 Breaking Changes also went live last night. Developers will need to make sure that their apps comply with the following changes:

  • No more accessing mailbox FQL tables without a user session
  • Removing apps from /me/accounts/ and page_admin FQL table
  • Removing redirect to docs when hitting graph.facebook.com
  • As for the weekly bug report, Facebook says that 217 bugs were reported this week, and 24 were fixed. Forty-eight bugs were accepted for further review. Check out the blog post for details on the latest bug fixes.