Facebook Unveils Recommendations Bar For Sites, Says It'll Drive 3x the Traffic

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Today, Facebook is launching a new social plug-in that they say will significantly drive up clicks on other articles in your network.

It's called the Recommendations Bar, and it mimics some fo the recommended articles pop-ups that sites have employed on their own - except this one, of course, is heavily integrated with Facebook.

If you install the Recommendations Bar on your site, a little box with a couple of related articles that readers can click on to continue the time they spend on your site. Facebook says that the articles displayed in the Bar will be based on "content that friends have explicitly liked and shared in your app or website."

Here's what it'll look like when it pops up on one of your pages:

And close up:

As you can see, the Recommendation Bar alos includes a "like" button for the article the reader is currently on, and just like with any like button that story will be pushed to the user's Timeline when clicked.

You can hide the new Recommendation Bar by clicking the top right corner, but a minimized tab remains on the site so you can open it back up if you want.

"In early tests, sites are seeing 3x the click through on the stories it recommends than through the Recommendations Box," says Facebook.

For site owners:

As with all of our social plugins, integration is easy and takes just a few lines of code. Simply configure the plug-in, copy the code and paste it on your site. The functionality also available as part of the Facebook for WordPress plug-in. We recommend you include Open Graph markup on your articles Facebook can properly display them on the site.

Get started now.

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