Facebook: Total Pages Liked By Typical Users Grew Over 50% Last Year

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As you may know, organic reach for Facebook Page posts is no a rapid decline. Common thinking is simply that Facebook wants you to pay for your visibility.

Josh Constine at TechCrunch spoke with Facebook's head of News Feed, and was told that the total number of Pages liked by the typical Facebook user grew over 50% lsat year.

Facebook's whole angle is that it has to keep the News Feed interesting for users, and that if they show every post from every Page, users will become bored because they'll see too many promotional posts, which will drown out more meaningful posts from friends and other things they really care about.

All of this assumes that Facebook can really determine what you actually care about. An algorithm is deciding what you should see.

It's not that Facebook doesn't have a point, but it also assumes that users can't decide for themselves what content they like. It assumes that users would as soon stop visiting Facebook as unlike Pages that were giving them too much content they didn't want to see. Let's not forget that users went out of their way to like these Pages for a reason. Typically that reason is because they want to see content from them. Doesn't the fact that people are liking more Pages on Facebook indicate they want to see posts from those pages?

Either way, brands are getting fed up. Eat24 caused a scene this this week with a public "break-up" letter to Facebook, and left the social network after building up 70,000 fans. It remains to be seen if a significant amount of others will follow, but many are certainly at the very least considering it.

Users who miss getting updates from Pages can perhaps go through their likes and do some pruning. Reduce the number of Page you actually like, and you're likely to see more from the ones that you do like. There's always the "Pages Feed," but there's no guarantee you'll see everything there either. Right now, some of the top posts in mine are from two and three days ago. Your best bet is probably to organize the Pages you want to keep up with into Interest lists.

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