Facebook Talks Game Development At GDC Europe

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Facebook is getting more and more involved with the games industry. They have one of the biggest gaming platforms on the Web and they need to enlist new talent if they are to survive. That's why the social network attends all the major game developer conferences and meets up with indie developers who want to push their product on Facebook. They did just that in August during GDC Europe.

GDC Europe is not as big as its American counterpart, but it's just as important to the livelihood of the industry. There are plenty of talented game developers working out of Europe and Facebook was courting them with a number of excellent panels. Unfortunately, Facebook made it impossible to embed the videos from their talks, but the links in the panel names will take you to their respective talks.

The social network opened up their GDC talk with "Growing Social Games with Facebook: Lessons from European Partners." All European developers should check this one out as Facebook highlights the success that European developers are having on Facebook. In fact, five out of the top 10 Facebook developers are based in Europe.

Up next is "Building your next generation social game with Facebook." The platform has evolved from its simple roots into a gaming powerhouse. The App Center alone pushed over 170 million people to mobile apps last month. It's definitely worth checking out if you're interesting in taking advantage of all the new features Facebook offers.

The third presentation was called "Simple steps to build and grow a social game on Facebook.com." This is for the developer who is just starting out on Facebook development. Some developers, like Zynga, have complained in the past that Facebook makes it harder for players to discover their games. In reality, they mean that Facebook is now giving smaller games the chance they deserve. Thankfully, this presentation is available in handy .pdf format. Check it:

GDC EU: Steps to Build and Grow a Social Game on FB

Next up is "How mobile games can plug into Facebook for massive growth." This one is a repeat of previous efforts on the part of Facebook to extoll the virtues of implementing Facebook into games. They found that most apps get a lot more traffic through Facebook than any other method. Game developers who haven't yet jumped on board the Facebook train may want to check it out.

It wouldn't be a Facebook presentation without Open Graph and that's just what they did. The presentation titled, "Driving installs and re-engagement with Open Graph," helps developers get the most out of Facebook's social graph APIs. Once again, developers who are new to Facebook development should check it out.

The last two presentations will be of most interest to Facebook developers who have been in the social gaming industry for a while now. "Advanced features for getting the most out of Facebook" covers all the new features in Facebook that helps developers gain the edge on their competitors. "Turning players into payers: best practices for monetization" will show you how to get the most out of free-to-play titles. The most popular games are able to convince players that paying real money for in-game items isn't a waste, but rather an investment in fun.

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