Facebook Suggests Starbucks Gifts Inside Birthday Reminders

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Facebook may be getting a little more specific with their suggestions for how to properly celebrate your friend's birthday.

Soon after launching their new ecommerce platform Facebook Gifts, the social network began suggesting that you send friends a gift when it's their birthday. Suddenly, a cheesy Timeline post ceased to be enough. Facebook wanted to promote the new Gifts platform by attaching it to birthdays - which is understandable.

Now, it looks like they're taking it a step further by suggesting that you gift friends with a Starbucks e-gift, specifically.

Facebook told Business Insider that this is an "experiment."

We've noticed that if the birthday boy or girl "likes" Starbucks, that information will show up alongside the Starbucks logo. That way, you'll know that getting him/her a Starbucks gift card would be a good idea. You know, because they "like" it.

It's unclear what the arrangement is here, and whether Starbucks (and presumably any other Facebook Gifts partner) would pay for the birthday suggestions placement in the future. As with all Facebook "tests" or "experiments," there's always the chance that it will never reach a large audience. But something about this one makes me feel like we'll be seeing more and more of it as Facebook looks to further promote and monetize Gifts.

Josh Wolford
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