Facebook "Suggested Guests" Feature Comes To Events

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Facebook is currently testing a new feature housed within the event pages. It's called "Suggested Guests" and it does just that - provides a series of suggested guests that you can then invite in one click.

The Suggested Guests box is appearing at the top right corner of an event page, above the sponsored stories box and some ads. The box displays three people that aren't currently on the invitee list, and an "invite button" next to their name. Clicking that button will invite them instantly. Clicking "see more suggestions" will simply display a new set of three guests in the box.

It appears that as long as the event is open, any guest that has been invited will see this box - but only after they have confirmed their own attendance. I also saw the Suggested Guest box after RSVP'ing "maybe" to an event.

From my limited experience with the new Suggested Guest box, the algorithm does a pretty good job selecting guests that may have been overlooked by the event creator. I cycled through about 12 suggested guests and was surprised that 11 of them weren't already invited to a particular event.

As Inside Facebook points out, the box could be enhanced with a little context. Say the event was for a Decemberists concert. Suggested Guests could recommend you invite John Q and display that it was because he just listen to one of their albums on Spotify. Working with the open graph, events could get better and better over time.

Josh Wolford
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