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Today we noticed that Facebook was testing a "share" button on their mobile site, allowing users to share their friends' posts on-to-go for the first time. Surely one of users' most-requested features, the share button is now appearing alongside the "like" and "comment" buttons on the bottom of stories in news feeds on m.facebook.com.

Facebook has confirmed to me that this is not just a test, and Facebook is rolling out the share button on the mobile site.

They also confirmed that the share button will be coming to both the iOS and Android apps as well.

Hallelujah. Not being able to share my incredibly witty friends' incredibly witty statuses on mobile has been a drag, and i'm sure many users agree.

Facebook had previously stated that there were no technical impediments for launching a share button for mobile, they just hadn't gotten around to it yet. It looks like they finally made it a priority.

More info on the way.

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