Facebook, Seedcamp Partner

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Seven months after Facebook partnered with Y Combinator in order to provide some startups with more support, it's Seedcamp's turn in the spotlight.  A new deal means that Facebook now intends to help Seedcamp-backed companies, as well.

Seedcamp, like Y Combinator, is an organization that funds and guides startups.  The main difference is that it operates in Europe, meaning Facebook's both being careful about crossfire and expanding its reach.

As for some more specific info about the fresh arrangement, a post on the official Facebook Developers blog explained, "[W]e announced that we will now provide product, technical and design resources to support new Seedcamp companies interested in working with us to build deeply social products, whether a website, mobile app, or an App on Facebook.com."

Then a post on Seedcamp's blog added, "Since many of our portfolio companies use parts of Facebook's offerings in their setup, talking to the folks working on these products directly will be a massive help.  In addition, an early look at what is coming up will enable Seedcamp companies to be ahead of the market and to play with cool new features first."

It's even possible a purchase or two will occur due to this venture, considering that Facebook's already bought Divvyshot, which benefited from Y Combinator's assistance.

So here's the happy surprise for any developers who are reading all this and feeling left out: it's still possible to apply to attend Mini Seedcamp Berlin.

Good luck to everyone who's competing for the attention of Seedcamp and Facebook.

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