Facebook Rumor Mill: IPO Pushed Back To June

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Yes, it seems like it has been forever since Facebook announced its much anticipated initial public offering (IPO). I am sure most of us would have thought it would have happened already, and some probably think it did, but no, we are still waiting. Zuckerberg and his social platform seem to be endlessly altering and adding to their SEC filing statement, and now the May 7th offering date looks like it may not happen either.

According to CNBC, CEO Mark Zuckerberg's distraction with other business dealing like actually running Facebook and acquiring other entities has been putting the groundwork for the IPO on the back burner. They believe the IPO might not actually see the light of day until late May, early June.

While it has been popular for others to speculate about the exact date for the IPO, I think almost everyone agreed this was subject to change at any time. At the time, most seemed to think it would happen on the third week in May, but if the rumors about Zuckerberg have ant weight to them, it's looking like the fourth week in May or the first week in Jine.

Perhaps we should just wait for July 4th. That gives Facebook's crew plenty of time to prepare and we can declare it a national holiday, oh wait, it already is. As i've said, these are only rumors, and nothing has been substantiated yet. Nothing seems to be quite set in stone when it comes to Facebook's IPO.

In fact, there's even rumors the platform battle between who will carry the "FB" stock hasn't been settled. Will it be NASDAQ or NYSE. I guess it's all up in the air. We'll keep you posted as new information becomes available about the Facebook IPO.

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