Facebook Rolling Out Fixes To Page Insights Reporting

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Insights are a huge part of the Facebook developer's life. As such, the social network has been consistently improving the product with new features and fixes. The latest fixes are coming after an extensive engineering audit.

Facebook announced today that it has discovered a number of bugs that impacted Page Insights impression and reach reporting. Facebook is now in the process of fixing these bugs, but wants developers to know that the impact of said bugs will be different for every page. To see the results of the fixes and the impact the bugs had, Facebook recommends you check your page Insights on Monday after a weekend of bug fixing.

So, what should you be looking for? Facebook says that most Pages will see the following changes on Monday following the bug fixes:

  • Total reach to stay the same or increase for most Pages
  • An increase in paid reach if you ran News Feed ads
  • An increase or decrease in organic reach, depending on many factors such as the composition of your fan base, when and how often you post and your spending patterns
  • A change in metrics computed from reach and impressions, such as engagement rate and virality
  • We know that accurate data is fundamental to building and improving your Facebook presence. We are taking this very seriously. We have already put a number of additional quality and verification measures in place to prevent future bugs and resolve them quickly if they arise.
  • Unfortunately, Facebook says that it won't "be able to backfill Page Insights with historical data" as a result of the bugs mucking with its logging systems. Everything else should be working fine once the bugs are all fixed by Monday morning though.

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