Facebook Releases The Sponsored Results API

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It was reported yesterday that Facebook's sponsored search results had gone live. The new ads let marketers direct people to Facebook pages within the search bar. Developers can use it to push their apps to the top of search results. Now there's an API to help you take full advantage of the new ads.

As part of their weekly Operation Developer Love post, Facebook announced the availability of the Sponsored Results API. The API allows developers to create a standard 70 character message ad for display in the typeahead results. You can read the documentation here.

iOS developers will also be happy to know that Facebook has pushed an update for the new SDK last night. The update includes numerous bug fixes that "improve stability as well as other minor improvements to the SDK." You can download the updated version of the iOS SDK here.

The last big update this week comes in the form of displaying profile pictures in alternate sizes. Facebook acknowledges that resizing and scaling profile pictures for use in apps can often result in poor image quality. To fix it, they have released an update to the Graph API that resizes profile pictures automatically to fit whatever size you need it in. Developers can retrieve alternatively sized profile pictures through either the API or FQL. Check out the documentation for more details.

On a final note, 15 bugs out of the 156 submitted were fixed this week. Check out the blog post for all the details.

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