Facebook Ramps Up Its Anti-Bullying Initiative

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In honor of Bullying Prevention Month, Facebook it taking a few steps to insert itself deeper into the cause, including the launch of a new bullying resource page and the backing of a national ad campaign for bullying prevention.

"For years we have worked to create policies, programs and tools to foster, accountability and trust in our community. These tools include a “real name culture” that ties peoples’ actions to their identities; easy-to-use reporting on virtually every piece of content; and an experience for minors with visibility and sharing settings that are generally more restrictive than settings for adults," says Facebook.

They say that the launch of the new "Prevent Bullying" page within the Safety Center is an extension of that commitment. The page includes just shy of a dozen links to various organizations like the National Network to End Domestic Violence, GLAAD, and The Bully Project. The page also features a couple of videos - one that was featured as a Facebook Story this month involving a bullied high-school soccer player and a new one that talks about reporting abusive content. You can check it out below:

As you can see from the video, Facebook says they are seeing success with the "social resolution" product.

"As a result of the latest research, we’ve rolled out new experiences for 13 and 14 year olds. The data is showing exciting initial results: we are seeing a 4X increase in people finding a resolution in the flow and 81% say they had a positive experience when engaging with the self resolution tools on Facebook," says Facebook.

The page also links to the Support Dashboard, which is Facebook's way of letting users track the progress of every report they make - content that violates Facebook policy, harassing posts, etc. Facebook opened it up to all users earlier this month.

Facebook is also using it's Stop Bullying: Speak Up project to help spread a new anti-bullying ad campaign from the Ad Council.

"Today, we are also standing with the Ad Council as it launches its bullying prevention advertising campaign on TV, in print and online. We are deeply integrating the Ad Council content into our Stop Bullying Speak Up program, now in its second year with more than a million “likes” and more than 140,000 young people and adults who have taken the pledge to be more than a bystander," they say.

Recent stories are proof that bullying is a problem, both online and offline. Any tools that Facebook, the largest social network in the world, can implement to help combat it are worth it.

Josh Wolford
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