Facebook Premium And More Intrusive Ads May Be Coming

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We all know how annoying it is to see our Facebook friends go nuts reposting that “OMG Facebook charging at the end of the month. Repost to keep ur account free!” No matter how many times Facebook denies it, there are always some suckers willing to believe that Facebook is going to charge for their service.

Except maybe they weren’t as far off as you thought. One analyst, Foad Fadaghi, thinks that there just might be a Facebook premium in the works after Facebook’s IPO filing yesterday. Fadaghi suggests that a Facebook Premium subscription option dealing with the game and app space of the site. Due to competition from sites like Google+ and Twitter, though, Fadaghi expects the social network’s basic features to remain free.

Fadaghi’s speculation did not end with Facebook Premium, though. He also suggested that adds on Facebook would get more content driven and more invasive for users. As Facebook becomes increasingly beholden to investors and shareholders, he suspects that they will look for ways to make more money out of it.

On the bright side, Fadaghi also predicted an improvement to Facebook’s mobile apps, which have a somewhat spotty record in terms of quality. He said improvements could be expected for the iPad app in particular, as it is currently a lower quality experience than some of Facebook’s other mobile versions.

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