Facebook Preaches The Importance Of Open Graph Again

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Facebook really loves Open Graph and wants you to love it too. While they have been hammering home how great it is ever since its introduction, Facebook thinks you need some more reminding. It's especially important if you have a mobile app that could use a little traffic boost through Facebook.

If you've been following any of Facebook's previous developer spotlights, you know that Facebook sends a lot of people to mobile apps. We never knew the exact number, but it was just assumed that a lot of people were using Facebook to connect to their favorite apps. It's look like "a lot" doesn't really begin to describe it as Facebook says that they have sent more than 160 million people to apps last month. To put that into perspective, they were only sending 60 million people in February.

But wait, it gets bigger and better. Those 160 million people are using Facebook to connect with their favorite mobile apps in a big way. During the same time frame, there has been 1.1 billion visits to mobile apps through Facebook. In February, they were only pushing 320 million visits.

You might want to take advantage of Open Graph now and not just for the increased traffic. It also means more money as seven of the top 10 grossing iOS apps and six of the top 10 grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook in some way. Those in the top 10 that aren't integrated with Facebook could probably be making a whole lot more money if they were.

Getting into specifics, Facebook calls out some mobile apps that have seen tremendous growth after integrating with Facebook. The mobile app for social professional network BranchOut now has 12.5 million monthly active users after integrating with Facebook. Only 12 weeks ago, the mobile app was getting 1 million MAU. Even more amazing, the app has seen 28 million visits from Facebook in the past 28 days.

Surely you all have heard of Viddy, the Instagram of video. It's a free app on iOS, but it has exploded since integration with Facebook. The service now has 16 million registered users. It also helped contribute to Viddy becoming top free app on the iTunes app store at the beginning of the month.

Flixster has also grown its business and visitors after integrating with Facebook. The number of visitors has increased 10 times with over 480,000 people accessing the app per day over the last month. Those vistors contributed to an amazing 15 million visits during the same time frame.

While Open Graph is definitely a big factor in increasing your mobile app presence on Facebook, taking advantage of Single Sign On is also a big deal. Allowing users to access your app through Facebook makes them more likely to use it since they don't have to create a separate account. After that, you can hook them with Open Graph actions that encourages them to return and use the app more.

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