Facebook Wins Lawsuit Against Power.com

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What does the word power evoke? You probably don't think of a defunct Web site that just lost their case against Facebook.

The Next Web is reporting that Facebook has finally won its lawsuit against Power.com, a social networking hub that collected data and content from a variety of social networking sites.

What Power.com was doing was obviously an infringement of Facebook's data and its users so they filed a lawsuit against the Web site. Power.com wasn't going to stand for that so they filed suit right back at Facebook. Too bad the judge in the case threw out Power.com's suit after finding that their arguments were vague and lacked any evidence.

To make matters worse for Power.com, Facebook also accused them of sending over 60,000 spam messages to its users. The site was doing this by using exploits to get around security measures Facebook had put in place to protect its users.

The court found that Power.com had violated state and federal law for their tactics. The court is now asking Facebook for how much they should be rewarded and if Power Ventures founder Steve Vachani should be held personally responsible.

Coincidentally, the Power.com domain is up for sale. If you want to show people that you have the power, you can buy the Web site and turn it into a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fan site.

Here's the decision in its entirety for your perusal:


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