Facebook Posts Get CA Police Chief In Hot Water

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Facebook has the strong ability to get people in trouble for posting stuff that they shouldn't or principals making fake accounts to spy on their students. Most people get in trouble for the stuff that they have posted that disparages their teacher or parent. But what about if you are a public official commenting on the state of your department?

The police chief in the small delta town of Isleton, California is going through this reality right now. Isleton police Chief Steven Adams was put on paid leave by City Manager Dan Hinrichs.

“He came in yelling at me and telling me to get out of the police department now,” said Chief Adams. "confused, frustrated, I didn’t know what to feel."

When City Manager Dan Hinrichs was asked about why Chief Adams was put on leave he said that public complaints led to the issue getting to the point it was at. Chief Adams isn't buying the excuse. “No, I don’t believe that because I’ve had nothing but support from the public.”

He believes that this is happening because he has been very vocal on Facebook about the department's problems that include the Sacramento county sheriffs department taking over law enforcement duties in January due to workers comp not being paid by the city to its officers.

As of this time Chief Adams is laced on paid leave and it is not clear when or if he will be allowed to go back to work. Because he is on leave, the Sacramento Sheriffs department will have to take over services for the second time this year.