"Facebook Phone" HTC First Won't Be Sold In The UK [Rumor]

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When Facebook revealed Home for Android, it also revealed a new phone called the HTC First to go along with it. The phone apparently didn't do so well in the American market leading to rumors of its demise. Now it looks like the phone won't even get a chance across the pond.

Mobile News reports that pre-orders for the HTC First in the UK have been canceled. Those who were hoping to get ahold of a "Facebook Phone" will now have to settle for one of the preexisting Android devices that support Home.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the decision to cancel the HTC First launch in the UK was made by Facebook. An anonymous source speaking to Mobile News said that Facebook's decision was spurred by the phone's performance in the US:

“The HTC First has been pulled and will never go on sale in the UK. Sales in the US were poor and Facebook has taken the decision not to give it a more widespread release.”

The presumed death of the HTC First doesn't spell the end of Facebook Home, but it does show that consumers don't want a Facebook phone yet. Home is available on numerous high-end Android devices so it makes little sense to buy a mid-range device when Home compatible devices, like the Galaxy S III, are sold for around the same price.

Of course, I fully expect Facebook to try its hand at an officially branded phone again when it adds more features to Home proper. Reviews are not good at the moment, but improved Home software could make a future Facebook phone more appealing to the average consumer.