Facebook Page Admins Can Now Promote Posts on Mobile

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Good news, page mangers who want their posts to reach the maximum amount of people: Facebook has just updated its free Pages Manager app and one particular enhancement makes it easy to reach your target audience on the go.

Now, pages admins can choose to promote a post directly from the app.

Version 1.4 of the Pages Manager app also allows admins to schedule posts for a later time and improves the display to a two-column format on the iPad. But it's the "promote recent posts to reach a bigger audience" part that should delight page admins.

Facebook unveiled Promoted Posts back in May, and they allow page owners to pay to promote statuses, photos, videos, offers and questions to a larger proportion of their total audience. Only a small percentage of any page's fans ever see their posts, so Facebook says that Promoted Posts is a way to increase your page audience.

To promoted a post from the Pages Manager app, admins will need to have already promoted a post via desktop.

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