Facebook Offers Something New To Advertisers And Users


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If you get sick of sifting through ads that don't have any relevancy to your life and are products you'll never buy, the answer is on the way. Facebook has found a way for advertisers to target consumers based on in-app behavior. So if you recently purchased a product, listened to an MP3, or explored a service, the ads you see will be related.

Open Graph action spec ad targeting is expected to attract a new class of advertisers while also encouraging existing clients to spend more. The idea is attractive because it eliminates waste. Every dollar spent on delivering ads has more likelihood of resulting in a sale.

If you just purchased an Eric Church MP3, Ticketmaster could advertise an upcoming show to you and expect that you may actually by tickets to the event. It's good for Ticketmaster and you. So if you express interest in something and you are purchasing items, than you'll be sent more offers related to your behavior.

Of course the whole thing depends on Apps being used on Facebook. So far about 60 new partnered apps have launched but many more will have to follow suite for the concept to become more attractive to prospective advertisers.

It should take a couple of years for this new strategy to have a great effect on Facebook's bottom line but the technology and the concept is just in time for the social networking site's much anticipated IPO.