Facebook Now Offers Infinite Gender Options

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Facebook has finally opened up the floodgates on gender options.

Starting today, you can identify yourself however you wish. There are no limits on what you can type in as your gender – unless Facebook decides to moderate it after the fact. I'm sure we'll see if that's the case as people begin to take advantage of this option. For the past year, Facebook has allowed you to select from over 50 gender options.

"Last year we were proud to add a custom gender option to help people better express their identities on Facebook. We collaborated with our Network of Support, a group of leading LGBT advocacy organizations, to offer an extensive list of gender identities that many people use to describe themselves. After a year of offering this feature, we have expanded it to include a free-form field," says Facebook's Diversity page.

"Now, if you do not identify with the pre-populated list of gender identities, you are able to add your own. As before, you can add up to ten gender terms and also have the ability to control the audience with whom you would like to share your custom gender. We recognize that some people face challenges sharing their true gender identity with others, and this setting gives people the ability to express themselves in an authentic way."

Google+ actually beat Facebook to the infinite gender options, allowing them back in December.

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