Facebook Now Makes You Feel Bad About Not Updating Your Status

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Facebook has never been shy about throwing up a banner across your news feed or dropping in a suggestion box that tells you how you shoudl be using the service. Maybe Facebook thinks you're not following your friends closely enough, they might suggest you star them. Maybe you haven't updated your password or you need to tweak your privacy settings - Facebook may take up some real estate with a notification.

Now, at least some users are being reminded when they gone a couple of days without posting a status update.

TechieBuzz grabbed this screencap of the new message, which is appearing right under the status box:

And this isn't the only new message that Facebook is displaying under the status update box. I logged on today and noticed that Facebook is now also telling me how many of my friends logged in recently. In my case, it was 181:

The one-two combo punch of these two messages are clearly a push to drive use engagement with the site. It's like saying to people that they haven't posted anything in a long time, and if they did, this many of your friends would see it because they've logged on recently.

Facebook, who tests features all the time and rarely comments on their tests, told me that they're "constantly testing new features and have nothing more to share at this time.”

Have you seen any of these new messages?

Josh Wolford
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