Facebook: Nobody's Sick Of It Yet!

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Here's some less than surprising news: Facebook users show no signs of boredom or "fatigue" with the social networking site. I guess this is great news and very timely as they have just filed to go public. The Pew Research Center surveyed 2,255 people in November 2010 and found that the longer people have Facebook, the more they like it.

"The more Facebook friends users have, the more they perform every activity that we explored: friending, liking, private messages, commenting, posting, photo tagging, joining groups and poking," reports the study.

Head of the project at Pew is Lee Rainie, who has made another interesting observation about Facebook and social networking in general:

"This examination of people's activities in a very new realm affirms one of the oldest truths about the value of friendship,"

"Those who are socially active have a better shot at getting the help and emotional help they need."

So it is good news! The isolation of the technology age can be alleviated by social networking. I was thinking that our sense of community and being good neighbors was going out the window but I guess our communities have just expanded to the virtual world. The down side is that there have also been negative effects associated with Facebook including anxiety and depression. Still, just because somethings making you sick, it doesn't mean you're sick of it.