Facebook Moms Outdo Their Kids [Infographic]

Social Media

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According to this next infographic from OnlineSchools.Com, moms are spending more time on social networks than anyone else. In fact, they have 40 more Facebook friends than their kids do (on average).

It's not just Facebook either. Moms are covering all the bases including Twitter, Pinterest, various blogs, and Google+. Moms spend an average of 24 hours online every week. What are they doing on there? Mom Stuff like managing photos, planning activities, scheduling things, downloading music, playing games with the kids, and of course, shopping.

Many moms are even friends with their kids on Facebook (90%). Half of moms own a smartphone, and 27% own a tablet computer. They are using these devices to stay connected to their family and spend time together. They watch YouTube videos and play games. It's is no wonder then, that their kids grow up to be tech savvy too.

Well, you get the point. This graphic is loaded with lots of fun facts on digital friendly, tech savvy, social media moms. Times have definitely changed. Most of these moms had Facebook before they ever had kids. Very interesting. Take a look:

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