Facebook Mom Accused of Seducing Her Own Son

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Most of the stories you read about parents reconnecting with their long lost children are heartwarming tales filled with teary reunions, warm hugs, and a fair amount of happiness. However, every once in a while you get exposed to the dark side of such scenarios, leaving the reader to ponder the eternal question, "What in the hell is wrong with people these days?" Prepare yourself accordingly, as this is one such story that is sure to put your gag reflex to the test.

Mistie Atkinson, 32, had been separated from her teenage son for most of his life. So when the two were reunited courtesy of the technological marvel that is Facebook, a long string of sugary mirth should have ensued. Unfortunately, this tale of motherly love doesn't have a fairytale ending. Well, I guess that depends on your definition of happy endings.

Atkinson has been accused of engaging in lurid sexual activities with her estranged teenage offspring. She currently faces charges of incest, oral copulation with a minor, and contacting a minor for sex using electronic communication. The inappropriate behavior, which included Atkinson sharing naked pictures with her son, started soon after the two reconnected through the social networking site.

Police discovered the couple when they were serving a search warrant when they discovered the lovers at a nearby hotel. The boy's phone is said to contain graphic videos depicting the encounters the teenager had with his 30-something mother. His father has filed a restraining order against the mom for her outrageous behavior.

This isn't the first time Atkinson has had run-ins with the law. She was charged with domestic battery in November of last year. Atkinson, of course, is pleading not guilty to all of the aforementioned charges.

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