Facebook Messenger May Soon Have Games

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Facebook is in the process of turning Facebook Messenger into much more than a simple messaging app, and the latest move might be the most ambitious yet.

According to The Information, Facebook is currently talking to game developers about putting games inside Messenger.

Facebook is in active conversations with game developers about the platform, according to three people briefed on the plans, although the company hasn’t laid out any definitive timeline for when games will be introduced into the Messenger app store. Ilya Sukhar, the executive at Facebook tasked with leading the product side for Messenger’s platform, confirmed the discussions but did not give any date on when they might roll out.

Of course, these are just "talks" at this point but it's not a stretch to see why Facebook would want to use Messenger as a platform for pushing games. Facebook is reportedly "yet to even decide whether the games will live inside of Messenger or simply use Messenger as a way to link players together."

In March, Facebook launched what it called "Messenger Platform" and "Businesses on Messenger", two initiatives that the company hopes will turn Messenger into a much more realized platform.

Facebook now lets developers build apps for Messenger – the first slate of which let users quickly pull up GIFs, sound clips, videos, and more. Facebook is also urging businesses to start connecting with customers via Messenger, with real-time customer service updates, maps, and more.

Facebook is also turning Messenger into a payments platform.

Having games on Messenger would add another layer to the app – and another layer might be needed. The Information hints that part of the reason behind this move is less-than-enthusiastic response to Facebook's initial run of third-party Messenger apps.

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