Facebook Messenger Gets Dropbox Integration


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Facebook Messenger is getting more and more business-friendly, and even before F8 officially kicks off on Tuesday, there's an announcement out that could make work easier in some cases.

Facebook and Dropbox both announced new integration that allows you to share Dropbox files directly from Messenger.

Of course this helps in the personal realm too.

"Having anytime access to your photos and videos is great, but reliving those memories with your friends and family is what brings them to life," says Dropbox's DJ Chung. "And that’s something we want to be as simple as possible. So today, we’re launching a new feature that makes it easier to share photos, videos, and other files in Facebook Messenger."

Facebook says in a post on the Messenger page: "You can now share your Dropbox photos, videos and files directly from Messenger! This integration provides you with a quick and simple way to share saved vacation photos, home movies and all other Dropbox files, without leaving the Messenger app. To get started, make sure you have both the Messenger and Dropbox apps on your phone. Tap the More button within a conversation thread to start sharing photos, videos and other Dropbox files via Messenger."

The integration is rolling out today. Facebook says it will be more broadly available soon.

Image via Dropbox