Facebook May Finally Let You Share Posts on Mobile

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Your long-running nightmare of being unable to share your friends' witty status updates while on the go may be coming to a close. Facebook is currently testing a "share" button on posts on their mobile site.

The share button is currently only visible on m.facebook.com and with no recent update, there's still not a share option inside the mobile apps. But of course, testing a share button on the mobile site could mean that Facebook is at least considering adding the function to their iOS apps. Facebook has previously stated that there's nothing really standing in the way of them allowing mobile users to share posts. It's not some technical quagmire - they just haven't done it yet.

The new share button now appears next to new, larger "like" and "comment" buttons under posts:

Facebook Share button on mobile

Having the ability to share posts must be near the top on the list of most-requested features, and frankly it's surprising that it's taken Facebook this long to make it a reality.

We've noticed that the share button isn't showing up for all stories in the news feed, but sporadically across all types of posts. This could have something to do with privacy settings, or it could be a product of the test. I've reached out to Facebook and will update this article when I hear back.

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