Facebook Making Ad Purchases Easier


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Facebook stock closed at $31.99 per share yesterday, and some speculate that there truly is no limit on how low it can go. One of several factors that might’ve contributed to the sensational IPO’s less than stellar performance is a possible fear regarding the company's future, especially since the mobile version of the site, which more and more users are accessing, offers even less ad content than the desktop version. Some have even speculated that Facebook was aware of this, and may have issued a reduced earnings guidance on the eve of its IPO, which is a company’s forecast of how good business will be in the future. Either way, Facebook stock has essentially tanked, and the social network is scrambling to figure out how to make more money from ads.

The most recent change is the ability to buy Facebook home page and news feed ad space directly through Ads API and Power Editor tools, without having to consult with a Facebook ad representative. Here is a graphic courtesy of AllFacebook that describes the placement offerings users can now adjust on their own:

facebook ads

Still, advertisers will need to go through ad reps to buy logout placements and for Reach Generator services. And, the changes don't apply to mobile - which seems to have been a main point. Though, the changes will likely make an impact in ad sales - time will tell how significant.

In related news, billionaire investor and general life-coach Mark Cuban points at that, realistically, mobile isn't going to be the end of Facebook, and people need to chill.