Facebook Makes Weekly Movie Nights Easier with New Repeat Event Option

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Facebook has just pushed an update to the site that makes creating repeat events easier by populating new events with all of the previously saved information and inviting all of the same guests for you.

The new feature was announced by Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin.

"I built a new feature for Events. You can now go to any past event you hosted or attended, and create a repeat event. It'll copy the details into a new event (which you can preview and edit before posting) and invite your friends from the past event," he says.

The feature is now live, and available from the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of an event's page. You had to have declared participation in the event in order to see the "create repeat event" option. Once you click it, a new event box pops up that's already pre-filled out with all of the information from before. You can make small edits, of course - but it saves you from having to waste your precious time describing an event for a second, third, or Xth time.

If you were the original creator of the event you're trying to repeat, all of the people you previously invited will automatically be re-invited to the new event. You can create a repeat event for a friends' event as well, but you'll have to invite your own friends.

This is a relatively small but helpful new feature that will help both pages and individuals alike. If you have a weekly, monthly, or yearly event, I bet you'll use this feature every time from now on.

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