Facebook Makes Sure You Vote This Election Day

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Today's the big day - election day in the United States. Millions of voters will head to the polls today to choose who they think is best qualified to lead the country for the next four years. And more than a million users will log on the Facebook as well.

And today, the two meet. Facebook is displaying a voting reminder to U.S. users today, located at the top of the desktop news feed.

"It's Election Day," it reads. "Tell friends you're voting in the 2012 Election and find out where to vote."

The link to "find my polling place" takes users to Facebook's new Polling Place Locator. The company introduced the app yesterday as a partnership between Microsoft (Bing) and the non-partisan Voting Information Project. All users have to do is enter their home address and the locator will tell them their polling place and display it on a Bing map.

Clicking on the "I'm a voter" button will add you to a growing ticker of Facebook users who have voted. As of 8:30 am ET, that was about 122,000 users.

From there, you can check out a voting map, powered by the Facebook Stories initiative. It's currently down, but Facebook says they are working on the real time map.

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